Power for the People!

A deflationary cryptocurrency that has a locked liquidity and is community backed. Our aim is to help those without electricity receive it in a way that helps our planet.

Token Address: 0xe78a58acb18811e840dd828d4f0116389e953592

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Our Purpose

Voltbit was created as a way to help combat poverty and climate change. In many Third-World countries and under-developed areas, having electricity is currently a struggle due to lack of funding or availability. ​With Voltbit, we aim to change this. A 1% fee on every transaction goes to a charity wallet. We also have "auto staking" where you earn passive Voltbit tokens as every transaction has a 3% fee that redistributes tokens, reducing the total amount in circulation. There is finally another 3% fee that goes to burning tokens, removing them from circulation. Totaling a 7% overall fee per transaction.

Open and Honest Team

Our team has been carefully selected to contain trustworthy members, to make sure all our holders can be at ease knowing that this is a legitimate and safe project with true fundamentals.

A Token with a Purpose

Every transaction takes a 7% fee. From this, 1% is sent to a Charity wallet where we will donate to different causes to help those around the world get the electricity they deserve, in a green way.

Guaranteed Growth

With manual burns performed at predetermined milestones, as well as constant marketing on countless platforms, we will grow and reach a larger audience, day by day.

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What is Energy Poverty?

Energy poverty is lack of access to modern energy services. It refers to the situation of large numbers of people in developing countries and some people in developed countries whose well-being is negatively affected by very low consumption of energy, use of dirty or polluting fuels, and excessive time spent collecting fuel to meet basic needs. It is inversely related to access to modern energy services, although improving access is only one factor in efforts to reduce energy poverty. Energy poverty is distinct from fuel poverty, which focuses solely on the issue of affordability.

According to the Energy Poverty Action initiative of the World Economic Forum, "Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and is a key imperative for economic development. In the developing world, energy poverty is still rife. Nearly 1.1 billion people still have no access to electricity, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)[1]". As a result of this situation, a new UN initiative has been launched to coincide with the designation of 2012 as the International Year for Sustainable Energy for All, which has a major focus on reducing energy poverty. (Source:

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What we do to HELP


Voltbit is continuously looking for partnerships and performing regular charity donations that can help those communities without proper electricity. This is one of the many reasons why we partnered with SELF.

SELF designs and implements solar projects for disadvantaged communities around the world to improve their levels of healthcare, education, water, food security, and economic development.


Nearly 1 billion people live without access to electricity. That's a lot of people! Voltbit and SELF teams believes that, especially in this day and age, electricity is a necessity and a human's right. This is one of the many reasons we have chosen to partner with SELF, a brilliant charity that uses the power of the sun to close the wide divide between poverty and prosperity. SELF’s adoption of cryptocurrency donations makes it a perfect charity partner for Voltbit! We will be making regular donations to SELF on behalf of the Voltbit community. SELF’s reports will let you see for yourself the impact the Voltbit funds are making to empower SELF to fight energy poverty. And for that, we thank you!

Partnership with SELF

[ Solar Electric Light Fund ]

Voltbit Tokenomics

Total Supply: 500,000,000


39% (195,000,000)

In just less than 2 minutes, hard cap of  275 BNB was filled. 


Pancakeswap Launch
37.5% (187,500,000)

Foundation / Charity
10% (50,000,000)

Team Wallet (Locked)
5% (25,000,000)

Marketing Wallet
5% (25,000,000)


3.5% (17,500,000)

Buying Voltbit





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Launch of Voltbit on Pancakeswap

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Continuous Social Media

presence growth

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Smart Contract third party

Audit completion

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Expansion of Moderation and Dev Team

Asset 1rm1.png

Whitepaper Introduction



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Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

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Collaboration with brands and influencers

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Voltbit's Merch Store


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Successful First Charity Donation



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Regular Charity Donations

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Listings on Exchanges

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Expansion of Marketing Team and Community areas

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Side project with huge potential (Will be announced closer to the time)



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NFT Marketplace Development

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NFT Creation

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Listings on Major Exchanges

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Partnership w/ Energy Companies [TBD]

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