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Power for the People!


The White Paper.

What is Voltbit?

Voltbit was created as a way to help combat poverty and climate change. In many Third-World countries and under-developed areas, having electricity is currently a struggle due to lack of funding or availability. Electricity shouldn't be seen as a luxury and should be available to everyone. Food, Clothing, Shelter, POWER.

With Voltbit, we aim to change this! A 1% fee on every transaction goes to a charity wallet. We also have "auto staking" where you earn passive Voltbits as every transaction has a 3% fee that goes towards redistributing tokens to holders. Finally, whenever someone buys or sells, a 3% fee from the transaction will be burnt. Totaling a 7% overall fee per transaction. This means that by holding your Voltbit, you will earn even more! As well as increasing our liquidity pool and helping charity. Voltbit is the future!

Token Burn

Once we launch, 10% of our total supply will be periodically burned when we reach milestones, such as x amount of total holders etc. This will bring the total supply from 500,000,000 to 450,000,000.


Charity Wallet

This wallet will be where the 1% Transaction fee will go, and will be used for donation to various charties in the solar/electricity sector. 


Locked Liquidity

To show the legitimacy and transparency of Voltbit, we will have locked liquidity to ensure our holders feel comfortable trading our token.

Locked Burn & Team Wallets

We will be burning 10 million tokens on launch, and an additional 5 million tokens when we hit 1000 wallet holders. The rest of our burn wallet will be locked and periodically released for burns at total
holder milestones. We will also be locking our team wallet which will be periodically unlocked as time goes.